Why Housing Costs More Now Than in the Victorian Era

In the Victorian era a working person in England paid under a quarter of his or her income on housing. Today that figure is more like half and many working people can not afford housing at all without state assistance. As a proportion of income housing costs more than in the Victorian era and is becoming ever more expensive. Yet just about everything else gets cheaper. Why is housing different?

Choosing a Mobile Computing Device for Working While Travelling

The quick answer: get an ultrabook or Macbook. They are powerful, reliable, reasonably light, run just about any program you will need, are good for typing on, have good-sized screens and most nowadays have decent battery life. If you are going to be doing intricate, specialised work it's doubtful anything else will do the job without being heavy and bulky.

How to Access the Internet While Travelling

It's becoming increasingly hard to do anything on a computer offline. Most apps assume you have constant high-speed broadband but when travelling this is rarely the case. Internet companies and mobile providers gear their services for use in a particular country and can impose hefty charges abroad. So where can you get Internet access while travelling without paying a fortune?

How to Minimise Internet Data Use While Travelling

Internet data use pie chart

Companies offering mobile data seem to have fixed their bandwidth limits sometime around the year 2000. 2 or 3 GB may sound a lot but you could use all of that on updates alone! Here are some tips for minimising the amount of internet data you use.

In a Year You Could Drive Round the World Twice in the Same Hours per Day as Many Britons Spend Commuting, and it Would Probably be Cheaper!

The housing crisis in Britain is now so acute that over three million people commute for two hours a day or more. Given the high prices of petrol and public transport in the UK the cost of this travel will be considerable and should really be considered an extra housing cost, as if housing wasn't already expensive enough. In addition to the financial cost, people are losing ten or more hours a week leisure time.


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