In a Year You Could Drive Round the World Twice in the Same Hours per Day as Many Britons Spend Commuting, and it Would Probably be Cheaper!

The housing crisis in Britain is now so acute that over three million people commute for two hours a day or more. Given the high prices of petrol and public transport in the UK the cost of this travel will be considerable and should really be considered an extra housing cost, as if housing wasn't already expensive enough. In addition to the financial cost, people are losing ten or more hours a week leisure time. As well as making people’s lives more miserable this is bound to have an impact on productivity so employers will suffer as well.

Two hours of travel a day is a lot. If you drove for two hours a day at an average 50 mph, in a year you would total up 36,500 miles which is roughly two round-the-world trips (18,000 miles is the minimum distance recognised for a round-the-world cycle trip). One hour a day of travelling could take you round the entire world in less than a year. This is assuming the use of a motor vehicle (with boat crossings obviously) but even using a bicycle you could make it round the world in just a few years on two hours a day of cycling. What is more, given the high cost of basic essentials in the UK, simply living there could cost more than the round-the-world trip!

The obvious problem is how you make a living on the road but with advances in mobile technology and increasing internet access this is becoming feasible, though still very challenging. Of course, finding an employer who will allow remote working is probably an even bigger challenge but with current technology there is no good reason why people should be stuck in one place to work. You might even have more time for work than if you stayed in the UK and commuted!